Monday, 11 July 2016

Trying to channel Elsa

fifth form rivals
I’ve just recovered from a nasty bout of influenza–followed by a nasty bout of spring cleaning and decluttering. I singled out about two hundred books, I think, for disposal or donation.

I also made a resolution: I would read and review each of my school stories, and then donate them. There are always new books to read. I don’t need to hoard them.

Then, of course, today I pulled out the first of the pile, The Fifth Form Rivals by Winifred Darch, and a few pages in I am remembering why it is one of my very, very favourites of all time. The pangs! (And look at that cricket bat on Pat’s shoulder: it’s a metaphor.)

This is why I love ebooks. They take up no space, so you never have to face getting rid of them.