Thursday, 25 December 2014

Mermaids and Misadventures: taking form at last!

Mermaids and Misadventurers is finally moving from the detailed planning stage to actual writing. It takes place from Esther's point of view, which I have to say is a fun POV to work from.

To celebrate, here is a summary, subject to change:

"Summer term comes to Fernleigh Manor, bringing with it tennis, cricket and a plague of pixies. It also brings the end of year production of "The Princess", and Esther is determined to shine. The presence of a noted theatre producer at the performance might just give her the ticket she needs out of the life her family has planned for her. She's not about to let complicated romantic entanglements, the rebellious Fifth form, or an ancient magic power on the loose get in the way of the performance of her life. Or mermaids. Especially not mermaids.

Unfortunately, Cornwall in summer is the very place for mermaids."

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