Monday, 12 January 2015

Putting aside Mermaids and Misadventures and my side project for a short while to work on two Valentine's Day themed shorts in the Scholars and Sorcery universe. One, currently untitled, is the first male gay story in the universe.

The other is tentatively titled Fairies and Frivolities:
I’ve always thought of myself as middling. Middling looks, middling position in the form, middling magical Gift, a solid but not spectacular athlete, background of the cook and two maids type,  and even a middling kind of curve to the tip of my ears. 
However, at some point in my forgotten past , I must have done something of more than middling wickedness to deserve a friend like Lady Emmeline Eversleigh, commonly known as Kitty. 
Kitty Eversleigh is not middling anything. Kitty is, I suspect, an imp changeling in human form.

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