Sunday, 8 May 2016

Rainy Day Unschooling

Shower Rain, 15°C

Adelaide, South Australia

The weather has finally remembered that it is nearly winter, and is wet and blustery. A perfect day for cuddling up inside reading, sewing and writing.

Unfortunately, the little boy has decided it’s the perfect day for Disney Infinity, and the stay at home mummy’s services are required for playing Thor. I put in a plea to be Black Widow or Ant Man, to no avail. He’s Iron Man.

The little boy has recently mastered the art of playing console games, and right now, it’s all he wants to do. That means I’m battling against all the voices in my head telling me that screen time for three year olds is evil. We’re intending to unschool our son, and I am trying to remind myself to stop listening to “commonsense” in favour of seeing the learning happening: problem solving, hand-eye coordination, persistence in the face of failure and frustration, sight words. And to see the joy.

It’s strange, really, that I write about regimented school systems where every hour is planned for, when it’s the opposite of my actual educational beliefs. Maybe that’s part of the appeal, just like I devoured school stories while loathing school. I just wanted to be left alone, to read, to write and learn without interference.

Oh, well, break over. Time for Thor to smash some frost giants.

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