Tuesday, 24 May 2016

The road to hell…


I am a terribly disorganised person by any standard. I would utterly fail in the structured life of my beloved boarding school books. I am messy, perpetually unkempt, absent-minded, forgetful. These traits are unlikely to change, both because of my personality, and my child-led life. Oh, and chronic illness. There’s that.

I am also a very happy person with a full, loving, creative life.

Every now and then, I realise that my life would be (even) happier and I’d have more time for what I really want to do if I broke things down into little tasks and actually made an effort to make them habits.

I had a big realisation yesterday, because I was reading Montessori blogs, and realising that the invitations I want to set up with my some kind of involve less cluttered space. Strewing, invitations–whatever you call them, they are a big part of a relaxed homeschooling approach, and they work better without a blanket of toys over everything.

And… I want to write more. It’s not just a matter of getting books out; I am a more healthy and happy person with daily writing. Giving up sending my son to childcare For His Own Good a morning a week (a whole different story) means I don’t have dedicated writing time any more, although in practice I was often too stressed during it to get more done. I miss that. Writing is my joy.

I want to keep up with my lifelong learning, both for myself and as an example for my future-unschooled son. I want to actually make progress on craft projects instead of always abandoning them for the next thing. I want to be tidier.

So last night I made one of my periodic resolutions to Get Organised. I set up Habitica, the gamify-your-life rpg, and being me, I ignored all the advice to start with a few tasks and have hundreds, but small and manageable (I hope) ones. I unsubbed from about a million mailing lists. I decided to start from scratch again with Fly Lady, which really helped me before when I kept up with it.

I am going to get thirty minutes of writing or editing in a day, no matter what.

And I’m going to shine my sink.

Let’s see how it goes, huh?

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